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Sadia Aslamy
Android User  
“Great app, What I like about this app is that I can do 2 tasks at the same time. So far I have listened to 3 books and excited to listen more, the narrators are great also the developers did a good job.”
Deeba Zargarpur
Android User
“Have been waiting for this app! Very excited to listen to books in Dari! ”
Mariam 1997
iPhone User
“The best application ever !!! I love it personally i use it as a bed time story teller .. we really needed an application like this to keep the language alive and more access to all around the world have recommended it to my family friends and everyone Thankyou for this great application.”
Omar Lemar 
iPhone User 
“The best useful app I have ever seen, I was in search of app exactly like this, thanks for making it happen, I really appreciate your work and hope to upload more and more best books. Thanks”


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